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Loading trucks to a nominal weight limit is currently an imprecise process that largely relies on the accuracy of the earthmoving equipment operator filling the tray. Under-loading is generally not an issue (other than lowered efficiency and productivity), but overloading is a very common occurrence and can lead to fines from the transport authority, or the truck being forced to return to its place of departure to partially unload. Both of these events cause a loss of time and money.

The WIL System is a Queensland Government award winning, patented solution which measures the airbag suspension pressure and uses this to light a series of lights in a visible position on the truck or trailer. As the weight increases (and therefore pressure) the lights will light in succession. Different colours and flashing rates indicate when the weight is below nominal, nominal, or overloaded.

Inexpensive compared to other weighing systems on the market, The WIL System is easily fitted and calibrated. There are no gadgets to carry around or lose. It is suitable for owner/drivers or an entire fleet of vehicles. The WIL System is basically “fool-proof”… once the green light is on, you are at your nominated weight and good to go! …Learn more about WIL

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